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T.F.C Urgent Foreclosure Relief / evictiondelay4u.com/ the foreclosure Concierge, Af relief.com/ Af relief concierge is in no way trying to permanently prevent foreclosure or eviction, We are a consulting and servicing firm, we guarantee we will do a 100% to help and solve your issue, however we need ALL the info you can supply us to help you with the best solutions, NO refunds, We are not offering any legal advice nor representing you in any way.
All client cases and results vary depending on their own specific situation and circumstances. our guaranty is we will keep you informed on positives or negatives of your case. otherwise No guarantees, All clients realize that THEIR Homes CAN BE FORECLOSED ON OR THEY CAN BE EVICTED , WHILE IN THIS SERVICE ”

Customer satisfaction is our top priority
  Consulting and Servicing Firm
We are a Result Driven, Expert Consulting and Servicing Firm  30 Years of  Experience 

All Things Real Estate Consulting  This Solution Firm will help you in all aspects of the positives and negatives dealings of Real Estate and Mortgages and the movements with in.  All California

LUXURY AUTO BROKERING  Brokering All High End Exotic Cars, Locating and delivering (ALL MAKES AND MODELS

We Pride Ourselves on having the knowledge, experience and the ability to assist our clients in the real solutions they need to get (the results they want) AND (the time they need.) We will assist in efforts for the best movement toward your goal destination and the progress of it.

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